About Us

Data isn’t just what we love to do, data is all we do.

What Sets Caserta Apart

Our passion for solving unique data challenges is rivaled only by our unrelenting curiosity. Because we’ve managed to strike the perfect balance of business professional and technologist, we’re as eager to meet with the CEO as we are a technical engineer. No matter the client, Caserta derives intelligent data solutions that cater to your specific needs.

We’re wired for complex problem solving and attract industry-leading Fortune 1000 clients with whom we work to provide some of the most fascinating case studies in data today. Whether the situation calls for data warehousing, big data analytics, or data science, the Caserta team delivers unprecedented experience and skills to any data-centric project. Our internal innovation lab allows our teams to explore emerging technologies and ensures the best solution for each unique situation.

We have a diverse team of individuals who all share one thing: a deep interest in improving data intelligence through innovation! We’ve built a company of highly skilled and motivated consultants; established lasting client relationships; and continue to inspire data purists near and far.

“The best way to attract and retain top talent is to give them the most exciting projects in the industry. At Caserta, our talent is what makes us inimitable.”

Joe Caserta
We have the strongest leadership at the helm. Meet our team.

Joe Caserta


Bob Eilbacher

VP, Operations

Tatiana Morozova

Director, Finance & Operations

Danielle Noket

Manager, Talent Acquisition

Emily Labes

Manager, Digital Marketing

Bill Walrond

Principal Consultant

Greg Wells

Director, Business Solutions

David Boone

Director, Business Development

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Caserta creates value for our clients by delivering world-class big data analytics, data warehouse, and business intelligence solutions to organizations across multiple industry sectors.

Our work has been recognized by a variety of publications, organizations, and platforms:

“Caserta has the rare combination of being highly technical while at the same time, their business savvy and interpersonal skills instill an air of confidence in all with whom they interact.”

Caserta Client
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